Bold attire worn by heroines is becoming increasingly common in Bangladesh

Women in the Muslim world generally prefer to remain covered in hijab, but Bangladesh stands out as an exception. In the country's film and theater industry, hijab is not a common concern, and the audience often appreciates heroines wearing revealing clothes, despite objections from hardliners.


In recent years, there has been a growing number of models adopting Western-style attire, with even ordinary city girls embracing this fashion. This trend is influenced by the lack of opposition to revealing clothing in neighboring India. However, Bangladeshi heroines are now attracting attention from the Indian media, with Naila Naeem being one such actress.

Recently, an Indian media outlet claimed to have discovered a figure akin to Sunny Leone in Bangladesh. They released a 1-minute 17-second video featuring provocative images of Naila Naeem and Sunny Leone, accompanied by a caption dubbing Naila Naeem as the "Bangladeshi Sunny Leone." According to reports, Naila Naeem has gained a significant following, as noted by the Indian media outlet "Times of India."

Naila Naeem, a dentist, has been involved in the modeling industry for nine years, gaining attention in 2013 for her role in a Grameenphone commercial. Despite criticism for sharing candid photos online, Naila Naeem has expressed mixed feelings about being compared to the pornographic actress Sunny Leone.

Regarding the comparison, Naila Naeem stated, "There is nothing to be happy or sad about here. But I had fun. Sunny Leone is a star, so I consider it positive. I'm already a bit of an expressionless person, I don't get into things easily. But it felt negative because she is a porn star."

In addition to modeling, Naila Naeem has ventured into acting in films and appearing in music videos. She completed her dental degree at a private college in Dhaka in 2012 and later earned a master's degree in public health from North South University. Despite her success in the entertainment industry, Naila Naeem continues to practice dentistry, maintaining chambers in Dhaka where she regularly attends to patients.

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