Why name only one party in the list of liars?

Controversy Arises Over Exclusion of YouTube Channels from Disinformation List

A fact-checking organization's identification of three YouTube channels as primary sources of political disinformation in Bangladesh has stirred controversy. Critics question the exclusion of channels like 'Bashr kella', leading to suspicions of bias. Revelations of the organization's ties to Jamaat-affiliated individuals have further fueled allegations of partiality. Calls for impartial and comprehensive fact-checking have intensified amidst concerns over selective targeting.


Online is a platform where lies have no place, and there is no easy way to stop these lies. Especially the YouTube channel is out of reach. And thousands of YouTube channels have been built in Bangladesh with the opportunity of this free promotion. Whose main job is to feed people by making political rumours.

There is a huge audience in Bangladesh, who watch these videos regularly. But there is no way to verify the news. They were surprised to see these videos and commented. And that's how YouTube and Facebook channels flourished. There are cheats even for those who don't like politics and want to watch a slightly different video.

Open channels on religion, science, business or social topics to bring them into the group. Or start a discussion on the page. Then, when the audience becomes interested, their political form is seen.

What is the real form:
Basically, their purpose is to increase views by raising debates on political and religious issues. For this, they rely on hundreds of lies and fantastic stories. In addition, Voyage and video and photo editing are used to create videos that leave viewers in awe.

Political Tools:
Apart from view traders, many have developed it as a political tool. Especially before the elections these channels are seen quite active. They very tactfully poison people's minds against any party. Which also has political benefits.

Recently, a factcheck organization called DismissLab said in a statement that they have identified three YouTube channels that spread the most political disinformation in the country. There are three channels - 'Sabai Sikhi', 'Taja News' and 'Media Cell 24'. But the reality is that hundreds of channels and Facebook groups that have been doing rumors and gossip for longer than these channels, no one's name came in this list.

For example, the name of Basher kella, which is at the top of the list, is not included in this list. It raises doubts whether Dismisslab only sees pro-government YouTube channels, why is the name of anti-government channels not on their list?

As the suspicion became more intense, we came to know that this Dismisslab was established by the hands of Jamaat's close worker Kadar Uddin Shishir. It is natural that Basher kellat will not be seen by them. But the news that a newspaper like Prothom Alo has reported based on the source of 'Dismisslab' is not natural. Rather, it is undoubtedly biased.

A lie is always a lie. Be it for the government or the opposition. If a national newspaper wants to list liars, it should list liars on all sides. Not for any particular party.

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