Ukraine war : Russia has more income than expenses!

The war between Ukraine and Russia started on February 24. In addition to the war, economic sanctions have been imposed to prevent Russia from falling into economic crisis. But economists say Russia is earning more than it spends during the war.

Experts estimate that Russia spends about 68 million a day on the war. But at the same time, Russia is earning 1 billion a day by selling oil to Europe.

As such, Russia has spent about 3 trillion dollars in the first 100 days. But in the first 100 days of the war, Russia earned about 1 trillion by exporting oil and gas. Of this, 600 million came from fossil fuels, of which 81% came from the European Union. 

India, France, China, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have also increased imports of Russian fuel.

The Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air said in a report.

According to their data, since March, Russia was earning 1 billion a day, although it is now declining. And the cost per day was about 68 million. So in the first 100 days, Russia's oil and gas revenues were more than the cost of the war.

Russia is now refining crude oil by sending large quantities to India, the report said. It is then being sold to buyers in the United States and Europe.

Russia's crude oil exports to India have increased 16-fold since the start of the war, according to a report by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air.

Russia is exploring new markets for oil after the embargo, and shipments are being made by ships owned by European Union or US companies, the report said.

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