Bangladesh Made smart relations with China, India and the United States!

Chinese investment is increasing in many democratic and developing countries of the world including Bangladesh. U.S. experts say China's influence in those countries is growing alongside investment. China is even influencing countries' policy decisions and the military.

U.S. experts believe that if the economic transparency and environmental damage of these projects are not taken into account, the countries could fall into a long-term crisis. Moreover, countries can fall into the trap of Chinese debt if they are not careful.

However, Matt Scharder, an adviser on China at the Washington International Republican Institute, said Bangladesh had set an "exceptional example".

He said the future of the United States, China and India depended on the next rulers. However, the Bangladesh government has so far maintained a smart relationship with everyone. Everyone talks about balanced diplomacy, but very few countries can put it into practice. Which Bangladesh is showing.

He added that Bangladesh still maintains a balanced relationship with all parties. This US expert also thinks that Bangladesh is careful enough not to fall into the trap of Chinese debt.

According to experts, the foreign policy formulated by Bangabandhu is now showing the way to Bangladesh - friendship with all, not enmity with anyone. At a time when the world is trying to divide into two parts, experts believe that a balanced policy is the key to survival for a developing country like Bangladesh.

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