how the freedom of speech suspended in western community

In the Western world, freedom of speech is suppressed in a different process, in an attempt to suppress dissent. These are done through boycott. The name of that western policy of boycott is 'Cancel Culture'.



Every person in the world thinks differently, it is not a problem, but the problem is to suppress the opinion of others and force one's own opinion.

Such interference in the freedom of speech of Asian or Third World countries always happens and takes a terrible shape. But in the Western world, freedom of speech is restricted in a different process, trying to suppress dissent. These are done through boycotts. The name of that western policy of boycott is 'Cancel Culture'.

Once upon a time, in the rural society of Bangladesh, it was customary to make one house. But that was done through arbitration. But there is no such thing in Europe. If a person's doctrine, writing, or thought is not liked by people of a particular religion, caste, group, or particular ideology, they impose 'cancellation' on him. And many celebrities have lost everything so far due to cancellation. So, a huge debate has started about whether there should be a cancellation culture or not.

Usually canceling a well-known person means withdrawing support from that person. It could be an actor not watching a movie or an author not reading or promoting a book. This culture is constantly destroying the careers of many people. The practice of cancellation culture is now being widely used in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram beyond the mainstream media.

The creator of the famous Harry Potter J. K. Rowling was a victim of Western cancellation culture. He was criticized for criticizing a movement of transgender people, was boycotted from various events, and was banned from promoting and sponsoring his work.

Not only that, in the Western world, anyone who speaks in favor of Palestine has to face cancellation. The Palestinians were boycotted in various ways, calling them "anti-Semitic". That is why the Western media does not report on the oppression of the Palestinians.

Famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has been accused of physically and emotionally abusing his wife Amber Hard. Johnny Depp was called to boycott the allegations. Various feminist organizations called for her cancellation. As a result, he was dropped from many films. However, his trial has not started yet. This 'cancellation' culture is the reason for the punishment before it is known whether he is a criminal or not.

However, the American people are divided over this canceled culture. Many see it as part of accountability, while others see it as an unjust punishment and prohibition.

Nom Chomsky, J., has recently taken a stand against such a reckless attitude of canceled culture. K. About one and a half hundred writers, including Rolling. Elon Musk said in a tweet, "Cancel Cancel Culture."

But US experts say there is no way the law can stop a boycott. So it has to be solved socially.

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