No one knows what Russia wants to do!

Russia's war strategy is still unclear to scholars around the world. At first, it seemed that the operation was aimed at keeping ukraine away from NATO. Later, it seemed that Putin's intention was to occupy the whole of Ukraine and annex it to Russia. But after two Peruvians, military experts say that is not Putin's intention.

According to experts, a military operation in the ratio of 1: 3 is required to occupy a country. In other words, Russia needs to send 3 lakh troops as opposed to 100,000 Ukrainian troops. But from the beginning, Russia has been conducting attacks in a 1: 1 ratio. It is clear that Putin never wanted to occupy the whole of Ukraine. So why is Putin waging this war?


At first the Russian forces advanced very quickly. But a few weeks later, Russian forces reduced the attack. Experts say Putin is deliberately prolonging the war. Because his goal is not to occupy Ukraine, but to get Europe in trouble. Which he has done quite well.


So when this war will end, no warrior or Western researcher can give the correct answer. The West has not received any new information since the figures were released on February 24.


However, Russia's primary goal was achieved by occupying the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the northeast and east. It is learned that Russia's declaration of these two regions as independent states could come at any time.


Meanwhile, the Russians have not yet fully occupied the city of Mariupol and one of its ports. Mariupol is the headquarters of the Azov forces in Ukraine. Which is blocked by Russia. The base is made of about four storeys of equivalent underground iron and steel.


Experts say the Russians are waiting for the Azov forces to surrender. But it is not clear why Russian forces are waiting, despite having enough equipment and experience to fight underground.


Note that in order to occupy the Mariupol region, it is necessary to wipe out the 'Azav' forces. But the Russian forces are not doing that either.


But it is becoming clear that Putin is waging a real war with the West. Putin is said to be deliberately delaying the war in Ukraine and trying to endanger Europe.


The more days are spent in this war, the more complications are being created. Instability is also growing among European members. Rising military spending in almost all European countries, especially NATO's major allies, especially France and Germany, has risen. Germany, known as the powerhouse of Europe, is most at risk.


Germany did not suffer after World War II. Germany has been forced to increase its defense budget from ৬ 48.9 billion to দশ 85.5 billion.


About 40 percent of Europe's energy demand is imported from Russia. But this money is going to be paid by the German ruble in twelve rubles.


Russia has already cut off supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. Because, these two countries showed inability to pay the ruble price.


In conclusion, no matter how long this war lasts or what the outcome may be, in the context of the changes that have taken place in the geopolitics of the world, new and more new circles are going to be created in the world.

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