Prime Minister Seeks Ukraine's Assistance in Ensuring Food Security

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina met with Ukrainian President Zelensky. They discussed bilateral issues and emphasized boosting trade. Prime Minister Hasina requested Ukraine's assistance in ensuring Bangladesh's food security, 

During the sidelines of the 60th Munich Security Conference, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina engaged in a bilateral meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky. The discussions encompassed a range of bilateral and international topics, with both leaders emphasizing the importance of bolstering trade and economic cooperation.

Amidst these deliberations, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina highlighted the imperative of enhancing Bangladesh's food security. In this regard, she sought Ukraine's support, particularly in the realm of food grain procurement. Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud, who was present during the meeting, confirmed this development, underlining Ukraine's significant role as a major producer of food grains.

"Ukraine is renowned for its substantial food grain production capabilities," stated Hasan Mahmud. "Therefore, the Prime Minister has extended a request for favorable terms regarding the procurement of wheat, aiming to fortify our nation's food security amidst the ongoing global crisis."

President Zelensky affirmed his commitment to earnestly consider Bangladesh's request, reflecting the shared aspiration for fostering mutually beneficial collaboration between the two nations.

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