Where Bangladesh is the only helper of India!

It was once considered a threat to Bangladesh as it was surrounded by India on almost three sides of the border. But in various geopolitical tactics, it is now considered an equal threat to India.


The geopolitics of the subcontinent, especially in the last few years, has become increasingly uncomfortable for India. And experts say Bangladesh could be India's only supporting force in these uncomfortable times.

The territory of India beyond the Panchagarh border of Bangladesh is called the Siliguri Corridor. It is one of the most complex terrain in the subcontinent. The current politics of the region is revolving around this place. And China has stepped in to weaken India by exerting influence in the region.

The six eastern states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal are collectively called the Seven Sisters. And the junction of this vast area with the mainland of India is the Siliguri Corridor. Which is only 20 km on the side and 60 km in length.

Not only that, there are four more countries bordering India. The countries are Nepal, Bhutan, China and Bangladesh. At present, India does not have good relations with Nepal and Bhutan as before. And China is a longtime enemy. So this Siliguri corridor is becoming more unsafe for India.

Indian experts have long complained that China is increasing its power in the Siliguri corridor day by day. If for some reason a war-like situation arises in this region, then India's connection with these 6 states will be severed.

India will lose its sovereignty in six states if the re-enforcement of arms, ammunition or army is stopped here in case of emergency.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh has a huge border with these 6 states. Therefore, if a war-like situation arises, it is possible to communicate with these states only through Bangladesh. And this is the most convenient for Bangladesh, experts say.

Meanwhile, in principle, even if Bangladesh does not support any separatism in India, Bangladesh will not support the army-reinforcement through its own country. However, Bangladesh will be the main route for emergency food, medicine, relief supplies and international trade in these six states. And this will be a new trade gateway for Bangladesh.

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