Pakistan want to be like Bangladesh

After becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2016, Imran Khan announced that he would make Pakistan Sweden within 5 years. Then, in a TV show, the negotiators countered by saying, for God's sake, not Sweden, they are happy to make Bangladesh in the next 10 years.

After 50 years of independence, this is a different kind of revenge against Pakistan. The Pakistan that satirized the Bengalis all their lives, now wants to be like the Bengalis! They also said the reason behind wanting to be Bangladesh.

Pakistan's exports are বিল 22 billion, Bangladesh's বিল 40 billion. Pakistan's stock exchange fund is 100 billion dollars and Bangladesh's 300. In the last 3 years, the gap has widened.

The value of 196 rupees of Pakistan is now equal to 100 rupees of Bangladesh. But after independence 175 rupees matched 100 rupees.
Pakistan produces cotton. But in the garment industry, Bangladesh is far ahead of Pakistan. Pakistan has strong infrastructure and human resources. Spacious open space. But investment is coming to Bangladesh. And Sheikh Hasina is wielding this magic wand.

Just a decade ago, Bangladesh was one of the weakest countries in South Asia. Due to militancy, the badge of a failed state was on the forehead.
At the age of 12, that country is now one of the most promising countries in the world. The most stable economy in South Asia. The country that used to borrow money, now lends to others.

No oil or gold mines have been discovered in Bangladesh. The only change that has come in the regime. That is why the country has changed.

Once upon a time, the lending state and the organization used to visit that country by ear. But that day has changed. The World Bank has announced not to invest in the biggest project in the history of Bangladesh due to allegations of corruption. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina then announced to build the Padma Bridge with her own money.

Many economists in Bangladesh also said that it was impossible. It was propagated that the treasury would be emptied only to meet the insistence of the Prime Minister. The economy will collapse. Corruption was widely accused.

But after 10 years, the Padma Bridge is a reality today. Those who frowned at corruption have acknowledged the truth. Not just the Padma Bridge, but two large deep seaports. Strong rail network is being built from one end of the country to the other. Bangladesh is going to be the hub of regional import and export centered on the port.

55 government and 11 private economic zones are being created in the country. Of these, Bangabandhu Economic Zone in Chittagong, Feni and Noakhali alone will provide billions of dollars worth of exports.
Work on the second runway and third terminal is underway at Dhaka Shahjalal Airport. In the end, it will be one of the best airports in Asia. Bangladesh is fast emerging as an aviation hub like Singapore-Hong Kong.

But when his daughter returned to the country after the assassination of Bangabandhu, no one thought that this country would ever be liberated from the clutches of the military junta. Because only three and a half years after the independence of the country, the anti-independence forces came to power by killing Bangabandhu.

But Sheikh Hasina firmly took over the leadership of the party. Attempts have been made to assassinate him once. After 21 years of struggle, he returned to power. He promised his dead father that he would build the country of his dreams. He is moving towards that goal, and his benefits are now visible all around.

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