Malaysia has no way without Bangladeshi workers!

Every year About 1 million Bangladeshi workers go to different countries of the world. A large part of them go to Malaysia.

But there are various dissatisfactions among the workers about Malaysia. The country pays less than work. According to the agreement, besides the salary, they are also deprived of the benefits that are supposed to be given to them. There are even allegations that the living conditions of the workers are substandard.

But suddenly the Malaysian government has started to be kind to the workers of Bangladesh. Recently, the country's Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri M Sarvanan announced that if a hiring company does not pay proper wages, or delays with other benefits, after hiring workers from Bangladesh, the company's hiring license will be revoked.

Besides, if any organization brings workers from Bangladesh, it has to ensure food and accommodation company, even the airfare has to be borne by that organization.

What is the reason for the change of attitude in the Malaysian government?

It is known that Malaysia is in a terrible labor crisis at the moment. The two largest sectors in the Malaysian economy are the palm oil and the construction industry. A large number of workers from Bangladesh and Indonesia work in these two sectors.

But suddenly Indonesia has announced that it will not send any workers to Malaysia. As a result, Malaysia's two main economic sectors are going to stumble. And Bangladeshi workers can play a role in resolving this crisis. That is why Malaysia has stepped up to overcome this potential crisis and bring in Bangladeshi workers.

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