Birth war of Bangladesh

The letter that was given to the intellectuals before the assassination in 1971

Before the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, the Pakistani rulers decided to kill the intellectuals of Bangladesh. Their aim was that even if Bangladesh became independent, there would be no intellectuals to lead the country. That is why they started killing writers, journalists, teachers, and doctors, assigning the responsibility to the Al Badr forces.

Emancipation of Bengali was introduced through the language movement and then many struggles were organized one by one against the Pakistani exploitation in each of which the intellectuals of the time showed the right path to the people of the country. As a result, the Pakistani rulers were very angry with the intellectuals.

The killing of intellectuals was very planned. The members of the Albadar army used to make lists of intellectuals, collect their addresses and monitor their movements. Basically Albadar Bahini made the list of these intellectuals.
A list of intellectuals found in the desk diary of Major General Rao Farman Ali at Governor's House after 16 December found none of them alive. It is known that the list of Al Badr was finalized by Rao Farman Ali. Then the intellectuals were picked up and killed in microbuses provided by Pakistani forces.
Meanwhile, Albadar Bahini started sending various warning letters to the intellectuals of Dhaka a few days before the killing of intellectuals. Many intellectuals' families have received this letter.

The letter was as follows-
"Satan Extermination Campaign".
You are one of those Brahminical Hindus who lick the feet of Hindus and the brokers of Indian Indirabad are trying unsuccessfully to destroy Pakistan, the greater home of Muslims. We are not aware of any of your attitude, behavior and actions. Be alert at once, and desist from India's trampling, or you shall have no salvation. Prepare to be eliminated as soon as you receive this letter. – Saturn

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