Today Bangladesh celebrating international Mother Language Day

Today, Bangladesh celebrates Mother Language Day, also known as the Great Martyrs Day and International Mother Language Day, on February 21st. It commemorates the sacrifice made for the recognition of Bengali as the national language. Recognized by UNESCO, this day holds global significance. In 1952, amidst protests demanding Bangla's recognition, several martyrs, including Salam, Jabbar, Shafiq, Barkat, and Rafiq, were tragically killed by Pakistani police gunfire.

On the 21st of February, which is observed as the Great Martyrs Day and International Mother Language Day. It is a day dedicated to the advocacy for Bengali to be recognized as the national language, symbolized by the donation of fresh blood. This event holds unparalleled significance globally. Since its recognition by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in honor of the historic Ekushey, the International Mother Language Day has been commemorated internationally in recent years.

This day is marked by profound sorrow and remembrance for the Bengali nation. However, it also commemorates the valor and sacrifice made for the preservation of Bengali identity and rights. The willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice is deemed as the greatest and most esteemed legacy for any nation—to have the courage and resolve to lay down one's life. On February 21, 1952, the martyrs bequeathed such a legacy to the nation.

On this historic day in 1952, people from all walks of life, including students and youth from Bengal (then East Pakistan), took to the streets spontaneously, defying the prohibitions imposed by the ruling authorities and Section 144 of the administration, to demand the recognition of 'Bangla' as the state language.

The rapid momentum of the movement to establish the mother language alarmed the Pakistani rulers. Tragically, Salam, Jabbar, Shafiq, Barkat, and Rafiq were martyred when the police opened fire on the procession of students that day.

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