Bangladesh's frenzy over Argentina opened the door to diplomacy

In this World Cup, the madness of the people of Bangladesh about Argentina has reached a different level. The excitement of Bangladeshi fans about Argentina has already caught the attention of football lovers all over the world. It did not escape the attention of Argentina.

Argentina's various media are promoting this support of Bangladeshi people very seriously. They are so enthralled by the love of the people of Bangladesh, that the verified Facebook page of their country's top league has photoshopped a Bangladeshi flag onto a picture of Messi.

The official Twitter account of the Argentina team also thanked the people of Bangladesh for their support as 'football crazy like the Argentines'.

Social media showed support for Bangladeshi cricket after a video of huge celebrations by fans in Dhaka during Argentina's matches in this World Cup went viral on several international media. Even cooking programs with recipes of all the famous dishes from Bangladesh Biryani are being aired on their TV.

Every World Cup season in support of Argentina, huge rallies are held in different parts of the country, with thousands of Argentine flags sold across the country. The incident of Argentina getting sick during the exciting match was also seen in the media.

After that, Argentina's Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero announced on December 10 that Buenos Aires will establish new diplomatic relations with Bangladesh.

It should be noted that the embassy of Argentina in Bangladesh was operational till 1978. But Argentina closed the embassy in 1978 due to lack of trade with Bangladesh.

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