No achievement is impossible for Bangladesh now!

Image rising city
Image rising city

World leaders were uncertain about whether Bangladesh would survive after independence. Bangladesh has gone through that difficult time. However, the question may arise, how much progress has Bangladesh made after 50 years of independence?

Bangladesh could build a Padma Bridge with its own money; it was hard to believe 10 years ago. It is also true that 10 years ago there was no money to build the Padma Bridge. But with the continuous economic development in the last few years, it is also possible to think of building another railway bridge over the Padma. Not only Padma Bridge, Bangladesh is now implementing many mega projects. 

In the past there was 7-8 hours daily load shedding in the capital itself. At the time, things like nuclear power, or launching a satellite into space, were unbelievable. Metrorail, subway, bullet train, tunnel under the river, elevated expressway were only found in Europe and America.


There was a time when Bangladesh's growth was compared to famine-prone countries like Somalia and Ethiopia. Even 10 years ago, Bangladesh would not be on the growth list with developing countries like India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka.


But in the last one decade, the traditional look of Bangladesh seems to have suddenly changed. Everything that is impossible seems to be possible in a single magic. Seeing the progress of Bangladesh, economic experts from all over the world are now saying that Bangladesh can achieve anything if it wants.


According to the latest data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bangladesh's per capita GDP has risen 4 percent to হাজার 1,008. On the other hand, India's per capita GDP has declined by 10.5 percent to হাজার 1,008. And surpassed Pakistan long ago.


Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation: According to the latest global research of HSBC, Bangladesh is going to be the 27th largest economy in the world by 2030. At present Bangladesh ranks 42nd.


According to the United Nations, Bangladesh has been the world's poorest country in the last 20 years. In the last 10 years alone, the poverty rate has come down from 40 to 20 percent.


Foreign exchange reserves have now surpassed ০ 40 billion as a result of expatriate income, the garment industry and the growth of various exports. And it is strengthening the country's core economy.


The country's export earnings have tripled in the past decade. This year, the export income has exceeded 3 thousand 65 crore 73 lakh dollars. Foreign remittances have more than doubled to over হাজার 3,858.3 million. About 7 lakh young people are bringing about 100 million dollars a year through outsourcing. Bangladesh is exporting medicines worth কোটি 135.6 million annually to 147 countries of the world.


If this trend of development continues, by 2030, Bangladesh will be the 26th largest economy in the world.


According to UN estimates, Bangladesh will surpass Vietnam, South Africa, Colombia and the Netherlands in 2030 and Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Poland and the Netherlands in 2050.


While these achievements and possibilities may at one time seem impossible for Bangladesh, the reality is that many of them have been achieved and the rest of the milestones will be crossed in time. The biggest achievement of the last 10 years is that the people of the country now believe that nothing is impossible for Bangladesh.

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