Bagda shrimp is now owned by Bangladesh

Bagda Shrimp of Bangladesh has got GI Certificate (Recognition of Geographical Indication Product).

In May 2019, Bangladesh applied for a GI certificate for shrimp. On October 8 last year, the Department of Design and Trademarks published the matter in the Gazette and an international journal.

As a rule, if no one objects within two months of its publication in the journal, there is no further impediment to obtaining a GI certificate for that product.

December 7 last year was the last day to object. Bangladesh became the first applicant to get GI certificate as no other country objected to it during this period.

Note that if the soil, water, climate and culture of the people of a place play the most important role in producing a unique quality product, then it is recognized as GI. It is not possible to produce a product of the same quality anywhere other than that area.

Geographical Indication (GI) Certificate can be patented by a country, which will be recognized in the world market as the product of that country. Local producers will get better prices. In general, if a country wants to import GI products, the producing country has to pay royalty at a fixed rate.

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