China, India and America: Who needs Bangladesh more?

The struggle for supremacy is going on all over the world. The major powers of the world are trying to defeat each other in various ways. And every powerful country wants relatively small and less powerful countries to be their allies in this fight.

Smaller countries are also resorting to various strategies to avoid the pain of being a partner in this fight. Bangladesh is one of those strategic countries. India, China, and the United States have reached out to him. The most important role in this is the geographical location of Bangladesh.

India has sided with the United States to exert influence in Southeast Asia Due to good relations with India, the United States also wants Bangladesh to be in an anti-China position.

However, China is the biggest partner in the development of Bangladesh. China has so far lent Bangladesh about 25 billion. Which Bangladesh is using as required. China has also promised another 15 billion. In this case, Bangladesh can’t go against China.

Australia, India, Japan, and the United States have formed a strategic alliance called the Quad. The United States has put a lot of pressure on Bangladesh to become a member of the quad. However, China has referred to the quad as NATO in Asia. The country even thinks that joining here will not be good for Bangladesh.

Delwar Hossain, a professor in the Department of International Relations at Dhaka University, said it was not just Bangladesh's problem, it was also Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. In that situation, some countries are becoming more and more China-oriented Some countries are going to India or quad

But in the end, if we have to take a side, then which side will Bangladesh take?

According to experts, even if Bangladesh is not included in the quad, there is no way to avoid US influence. The United States is the largest buyer of garments in Bangladesh. The United States is also a major partner in the economic and political spheres of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh's relations with India, another member of the Quad, are historic. Apart from India being Bangladesh's largest neighbor and economic and political relations, the people of the two countries have deep linguistic and cultural ties. In this case, the United States can’t move away from one side to the other.

Diplomatic analysts call this situation a 'both crisis' for Bangladesh. They claim that China has no alternative but to keep the growing development of Bangladesh in motion and resolve the Rohingya crisis. And with world politics and Western trade in mind, Bangladesh has no chance to bypass the United States and neighboring India.

In such a reality, diplomats say, maintaining balance will be the most important The strategic advantage of the geopolitical position that Bangladesh has in its hands, without being stuck in a circle, has to be capitalized, it has to become a bargaining tool.

And in this case, the current government is coming up with a very efficient identity. Bangladesh has been very careful to maintain equal relations with all parties. Not only that, many said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made these countries the development partners of Bangladesh. Very few countries have so far been able to maintain such a balance of relations.

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